Digital Marketing, Art Direction
Animated Facebook Ads



After assessing the performance of static ads & old video ads for Gaia's yoga market on Facebook, I hypothesized that engagement would dramatically increase with an animation. I worked with Eros & Mercury to create two looping animations promoting Yoga Every Day, a series featuring daily 15-minute yoga practices. I wanted to drive the idea of incorporating a short practice into one's daily life through tongue-and-cheek sequences. One ad loops through alignment poses in 15-minute increments with the character's arms and legs acting as the minute hands of a clock face. The other animation flows through a warrior sequence day & night, alluding to the popular #yogaeveryday hashtag. The animated ads increased the average clickthrough rate by roughly 210%, growing Gaia's awareness and engagement amongst the target audience.

My Role

Art Director

Illustrator & Motion Designer

Eros & Mercury