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In order to reduce Gaia's reliance on stock photography for marketing needs, I worked with the Yoga Marketing Director to establish an ongoing photoshoot budget. When yoga teachers filmed onsite on Gaia's campus in Colorado, I worked with Andrew Bydlon from Caveman Collective to create a photography set that echoed the brand photography look and feel I was striving to establish: color gradients within the Gaia palette, images with a lifestyle edge, and front-facing yoga poses. Note: Front-facing images convert at a much higher rate than yoga pose images with faces hidden or out of focus. From concept to shot list to location, I personalized each photoshoot for each teacher and yoga series they filmed. As a result, I successfully established a proprietary internal brand photo library for Gaia while providing significant financial savings over the cost of licensing stock photography. Below are photo selections and an example of how I used the images to design a teacher's series.

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