Sticker Design
Print, Identity



Gaia sponsored a 6-month tour produced by Yoga Journal, which required the design & production of various promotional pieces. I created four designs for 15,000 stickers which were placed in VIP & attendee gift bags and handed out at live events. Due to a recent rebrand from Gaiam TV to Gaia, I had to create a piece that would establish and reinforce Gaia's new branding with yogis. Marrying sacred geometry with mantras and upper chakra colors, I strengthened the evolved brand identity. I designed 4"x4" kiss-cut stickers to give them enough size to stick out in gift bags without getting lost. The peelable sticker is 2"x2", and the back lists a CTA, leading the user to a landing page I designed for a seamless conversion experience. The designs lived on as pop-ups, festival bandanas, and more. Additionally, these inspired an Intention Wall I later created at Gaia's booth at YJ Live! Estes Park.

My Roles

Designer, Art Director